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outdoor wall lighting fixturesBefore deciding which outdoor wall lighting fixtures to buy, you'll need to plan out your outdoor lighting design for proper execution.

Of course, mounting locations can vary depending on the type of fixture you're installing and what you want to accomplish with that lighting fixture.

Finding the right location is critical to successfully making sure your wall mounted fixtures do their job well.



Outdoor Wall Sconces

Outdoor sconce lighting is a great way to welcome guests. Wall sconces use light in an effective way that beautifully shows the face of the individual at the door.

Because wall sconces emit light from a frontal view, outdoor sconce lighting eliminates the shaddow effect you get with overhead lighting, making it easier to see the person's face.

Some wall sconces will showcase the intricate details of the building structure they are situated against. These fixtures often use outdoor wall lighting techniques to create a dramatic effect on the wall's surface.

By using shaddow and light, up and down wall sconces can accentuate the texture of your wall's surface by making the it pop.



Recessed Wall Lighting

Outdoor recessed lighting is virtually invisible during the day yet it plays a major role in outdoor lighting. Recessed wall lighting fixtures are often used to illuminate an adjacent surface.

Whether its a patio, deck, or steps, these recessed lights never get in the way of your guests and help prevent trips and falls. They also keep your outdoors safe by allowing people to clearly see whats around them.



Wall Mounted Flood Lighting

Outdoor flood lighting is commonly found in places where adequate lighting is needed to perform tasks that would otherwise be difficult without proper lighting.

These lights are often found on your garage, over a back doorway, above your patio or just about anywhere else.

Its critical that your flood lights have a good locking mechanism so that they stay put. Their locking mechanism prevents your flood lights from moving out from your desired position.

Technologies such as motion sensor outdoor lighting and intermatic outdoor lighting are often combined with flood lighting to enhance it's ability to perform it's job with more flexibility.



Wall Mounted Downlighting

Wall mounted downlighting emits an abundance of light directed downward with help from the fixture's light shield.

Before deciding which wall mounted downlighting fixtures to purchase, keep in mind that their design should fit into your existing outdoor environment.

For example, a piece of architecture from the early 1900's requires that you find the proper antique outdoor lighting fixtures that match up.

Consider the location where you'll be installing these fixtures. Whether you're using downlighting in a commercial or residential space, your intended use of the property will determine if you should install commercial outdoor lighting fixtures or residential fixtures.




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