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outdoor lighting designWhatever you want to accomplish with outdoor lighting can be achieved. Outdoor lighting design is the key to inspiring people through the majestic effects only you can create.

Right now you can make a plain surface come alive using the magical elements hidden in lighting design.

It is not enough to simply install outdoor lamps and having that be it. Innovation comes from inspiration and design is inspired by the creativeness of the human soul.

Design is not a step by step method that can be easily duplicated but a true expression of your inner beauty.


How Have You Improved Your Outdoor Lighting Design?

Got Lighting Design?

Share your story on how you've improved or destroyed your outdoor lighting design and tips on how to make it better.

How has this experience benefited your life or what have you learned from it?


Getting Inspired

The techniques and ideas you will find in this website are here to inspire you so you can exercise your own creative nature.

It is simply a guide to help you get more out of your own designs. Become even more inspired by reading magazines, looking at pictures, and reading books on outdoor lighting design.

Once you have a better understanding of key lighting concepts, you can visualize for yourself what exactly it is that you want to create in your own design.




Planning An Effective Outdoor Lighting Design


Feeling a sense of freedom from the everyday quarrels of life is the key component to inspiring outdoor lighting design.

Just think about how many other people you have the power of influencing through your design. Implementing your creativity in your lighting design will make you feel good and give you a sense of accomplishment knowing that friends and guests can enjoy this gift you created.

Use your lighting design to complete the sophisticated look that only antique outdoor lighting design can provide or give off a more modern look with sleek contemporary outdoor lighting fixtures.

Planning it can become a daunting task that you may not be willing to undertake. Fortunately for us, we have an outdoor lighting plan.



Outdoor Lighting Perspective

Before beginning your journey into lighting design, your designer (which may be you) should provide you with some ideas as to how it will all come together.

He should provide you with an accurate sketch of how the project will look when it is complete. A computer automated design of your landscape or a lighting perspective will give you a frame of reference as to what it will look like.

This method is increasingly cost effective because adjustments can easily be made on the computer prior to beginning the work. It allows the designer to show you exactly what your project will look like when it is completed.



Prepare Blueprints

Once approved, the work begins to make it happen. Your designer needs to work closely with contractors and architects in the preparation stages.

He should be thorough in providing a complete set of blueprints that will show precisely what fixtures are going to be installed, where they will be located, and outline the type of wiring needed to do so.



Outline Your Power Source

He must also outline the power source and detail where he intends on running his lines while being compliant to local electric codes.

The more detailed he is, the less chance that mistakes will occur due to miscommunication between the designer, architect, and contractor.

Planning your next big project properly is important to the overall outcome of your outdoor lighting design.

Understanding whats involved will better prepare you in getting the proper help together to make it a smooth operation.




Design Help From Lighting Designers

Hiring a lighting designer is a critical component of your outdoor lighting design. A lighting designer will know all the inns and outs to successfully implementing your ideas.

A good lighting designer will work seamlessly throughout every part of the project. He will be able to work well with your landscape architect, contractors, and other parties involved in the design.

His design knowledge coupled with a sweeping understanding of your outdoor landscape allows him to use outdoor accent lighting to bring out the beauty of your lighting design.

It is vitally important that your designer is thorough with his plans and communicates his ideas with the rest of the team by creating a lighting blueprint.



Electrical Codes

Your lighting designer must be familiar with national and local electrical codes. He must be able to easily integrate that into the lighting design without delay.

An experienced designer will try to couple some projects together.

For example, if an underground sprinkler system is being installed, a good designer can help to cut excavation costs by scheduling the two projects to be done at the same time.



New Technologies

Outdoor lighting designers should be up to date with the current enhancements in lighting technologies as well as aware of any new technologies present that can help cut installation costs.

He should also be knowledgeable of technologies that have been on the market for some time but have recently begun to pick up speed with their audience. A great example is fiber optic outdoor lighting.



Changing Environment

Think of your outdoor landscape as a living, breathing organism. Your designer must be aware of it's ever changing environment.

Trees and plants continue to grow so your lighting designer should be able to foresee the seasonal natures of certain plants.

He should offer expert advice on your constantly changing landscape and offer maintenance design services specific to your landscape's needs.



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