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Designing Public Spaces with Commercial Outdoor Lighting



Commercial LightingPublic spaces have a need for commercial outdoor lighting so they can continue to cater their services to the general public long after the sun goes down.

Unlike residential lighting, commercial lighting must stand up to the demands of a public environment.

These demands vary depending on the location and use of outdoor lighting but must handle normal abuse and corrosion well.



Increased Traffic

Commercial lighting is a key selling point of any public space. A well lit space will attract more of the public and make them curious about the scene.

That curiosity results in increased foot traffic and ultimately a highly successful commercial space.

It also adds to the space's image. A person's perception of a commercial space will determine whether or not they will go there.

The various commerical outdoor lamps available are intended for use in different commercial settings.

A properly lit commercial space will make people curious and want to find out more of what they're missing out.




Design is critical in lighting a commercial space. Since the owners of these spaces will not be the main users of them, keeping the costs low is important to staying within the budget proposed for the commercial project.

The larger the lighting project, the better the designer needs to understand the uses of the outdoor space.



Fixture Layout & Positioning

The designer must decide on the best locations to position the fixtures, even if he is limited on the number of commercial outdoor lighting fixtures that can be used.

He should stay in line with the space's design and character. If your building or high rise has a modern look to it, your lighting designer should be able to play into that using modern outdoor lighting.

He must be able to keep the traffic flowing throughout the site. Avoiding dark spots and allowing the light to flow will guide the public's movement and make them feel safe and secure.



Security Lighting

Well designed commercial outdoor lighting must make people feel comfortable. If there is adequate lighting in a space, people will feel comfortable.

Not all outdoor security lighting is used to help keep unwanted intruders out. Maintaining well lit paths and steps adds to the feeling of security that people need in order to feel safe.

The use of outdoor bollard lights is a convenient way to provide path lighting to your guests and the surrounding space. Seeing beyond the surrounding foliage makes people feel more comfortable because of their ability to see beyond the foliage.



Emergency Lighting

Being prepared for a catastrophe may not be at the top of your priority list but its one of those things you have to plan for.

Some industrial sites are required to adhere to specific safety and emergency evacuation procedures. In these cases, industrial outdoor lighting technologies will be needed to help keep the safety of the people working in those industries safe.

Outdoor emergency lighting is one of those things you'll need to address for any public or private outdoor space that will be accessable to many people.




Light Intensity

The designer must adjust the light's intensity in order to keep the flow of light uniform and keep traffic moving.

Darker decor requires more light because of the low reflective nature of the darker colors. Lighter colors reflect more light and therefore need less intense levels of light.

Greater light intensity is often a requirement for commercial outdoor spaces. With it's increased light output, outdoor HID lighting could do just the trick.



Entrances & Exits

Entrances and exits should be distinctive. A well lit entrance or exit can be differentiated by the use of brighter lights, decorative fixtures, or a well lit sign.

Signs are a great way to advertise. Outdoor sign lighting can help you stand out amongst the barrage of other marketing messages people get when out in public.




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