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Make Your Patio Stand Out With Outdoor Patio Lighting


outdoor patio lightingYour patio is an amazing place to entertain, relax, or admire from within your home. Outdoor patio lighting makes it easy to set the mood for any of these occasions.

Making your patio your palace is easily done with the right lighting to help of course. Lets look at ways to enhance it's look.




Making Better Use Of Your Patio With Outdoor Patio Lighting


Extending Your Interior Space

Patio lighting is a great way to expand the size of your interior space. You can create the illusion that your home's interior space stretches outward onto your patio.

What a creepy feeling when looking outside large expansive windows or a beautiful French door at night and seeing nothing but a mirror reflection of yourself.

Patio lighting prevents this by extending your view through to your outdoor patio or backyard. Your outdoor patio lights won't allow the interior lights to be reflected back to your eyes causing that mirrored effect when looking out through the window.



Installing A Dimmer Switch

In order to extend your view outside through a window it is best to have your interior lights on a dimmer switch. You will only be able to see outdoors when the light outside is brighter than the light inside.

Thats why having a dimmer switch installed indoors gives you the flexibility to adjust the interior light output and set the mood however you wish.



Outdoor Security Lighting

Patio lighting can also be a great source of outdoor security lighting but properly installed outdoor security lighting is the highly recommended.



Extending Your Outdoor Space

Consider your patio's perimeter when designing a lighting scheme. You want to make sure you cover the whole space.

This lighting technique will make your patio seem that much larger at night because you will be cutting through darkness to show off the size and beauty of your patio and surrounding landscape.

A great way to cover the whole patio space while sustaining a sophisticated look is to place outdoor post lights throughout the perimeter of your patio.

If your patio is surrounded by beautifly manicured gardens you may decide to fascinate your guests by focusing their attention to their surroundings with the use of outdoor garden lighting.

Another technique is to use outdoor tree lighting to focus attention to far off trees and shrubs surrounding your patio or landscape. Placing more attention beyond your patio's immediate space can make a small patio space seem larger.



Use Lighting To Guide Your Guests

Make it easy for your guests to know where they are permitted to go. Its easy for guests to aimlessly wander about your patio or landscape. Using outdoor patio lighting intelligently can prevent this.

People naturally tend to follow a trail of lights so if you want your guests to stay away from your precious garden or outdoor display, guide them away using outdoor path lighting.

You can also use the trail of lights to help your guests move freely about your patio. Its a little known fact that the easier your guests can move about the safer they will feel. Since safety always comes first, outdoor step lighting should be a priority to your patio lighting setup.

If you desire a neat and clean look, a great alternative is outdoor recessed lighting. Designed to be tucked out of the way, outdoor recessed lighting can provide you with the lighting you need while remaining hidden from view.



Show Off Your Patio's Walls

Use patio lighting to accentuate the most beautiful parts of your patio. If you have beautiful walls, use outdoor wall lighting to make them more interesting.

Wall lighting is a great way to bring out unique patterns hidden in your patio's walls so make your patio more interesting while adding real depth to your patio's look.



More Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

outdoor patioHave a pool on your patio? Nothing is more soothing than pool lighting that calmly reflects that rich blue glowing water against the night sky.

A romantic addition to your patio such as a pond can really come alive at night with pond lighting.

Impressive yet sometimes very simple, fountain lighting can bring elegance and sophistication to your patio. How about hosting a fancy party on your patio?


Impress your friends, have fun, and be creative. Anytime you want to get away, indulge in the beauty and serenity of outdoor patio lighting.



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