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motion sensor outdoor lightingMotion sensor outdoor lighting is a lot like having a personal assistant there for you at a moments notice catering to your lighting needs.

Its hard to find outdoor lighting this versitle and convenient.

Before we begin, lets discuss what motion sensor lighting is and what it can do for you.



How Motion Sensors Work

Motion senor lighting detects infrared heat waves emitted from moving objects through an electronic eye mounted nearby the light fixture. When triggered, the sensor sends out a signal for the light to turn on.

Motion sensors are often mounted under eves, overlooking an outdoor pathway, on top of a garage, above a staircase, or overlooking a deck or patio.



Photoelectric Controls

Most often you will find that motion sensor lighting comes equip with photoelectric contols. These controls prevent the fixture's lights from operating during daylight hours.

The photoelectric controls automatically senses the amount of daylight present, disengaging the electronic eye from operating during daylight hours.

There is nothing you need to do to set up this feature. It works automatically.



Motion Sensor Lighting Controls

Motion sensor lights can easily be adjusted via a switch plate often located inside the home. By turning the switch off, the light will not operate.

Flipping the switch to the on position will activate the motion sensor light. Often the light will briefly flash on and then off again. This is an indication that the light has received the command to begin working.

For more details on activating your motion sensor light fixture please consult the owner's manual that came with your fixture.



Timing The Lights

A quality motion sensor light will often have an adjustable timer setting which determines how long the light will stay on once the sensor is tripped.

You may adjust this setting to meet your needs. Please check your owner's manual for specific details on your motion sensor lights.



Unintentional Sensor Tripping

The biggest issue most people face with motion sensor lighting is that the sensor can be set off by anything moving about.

And when I say anything, I mean anything. Especially those pesky nocturnal animals running around your beautifully manicured landscape.

Cars passing by, people walking by your house, even leaves blowing in the wind can cause your lighting sensor to trip. Do not fear because these accidents can be avoided by making a few minor adjustments.



Adjustable Range Setting

An adjustable range setting is an invaluable function because it allows you to adjust the distance from which your motion sensor can detect infrared heat waves from moving objects.

This comes in handy if you live on a very busy street. You may have cars constantly passing by or people walking up and down the sidewalks.

Therefore, you may want to restrict the distance that the motion sensor will detect movement. By adjusting the range settings you control at what distance your motion sensor will detect movement.



Motion Sensor Lighting For Security

Concern about security has made motion sensor outdoor lighting a popular choice. While they may deter some amature trespassers by surprise, most seasoned trespassers will not be twarted off that easily.

Because motion sensor lighting is so common, it should not be your only defense for outdoor security lighting. For more information on security lighting please click on the above link.

While security lighting is important, not having any outdoor lighting is even worse.




Two Types of Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights


Attached Motion Sensor Lights

If you need choices, motion sensor outdoor lighting has more to offer. The most common type of motion sensor lighting available is an outdoor flood lighting fixture with a sensor attached to it.

This type of fixture is easy to find and installation is quick. Because the sensor is attached to the fixture itself, you don't need to run any extra wires to connect it to the light source.



Remote Motion Sensor Lights

motion sensorRemote motion sensor lights are just the opposite from the attached kind. This setup contains motion sensors independent from the light source.

The motion sensor is wired into the light fixture remotely, but you're able to position the sensor away from the light fixture it's connected to.

This setup gives you tons of flexibility so you can operate just about any kind of fixture using your motion sensor. It also allows you to install this sensor in a completely different location from the light source.




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