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intermatic outdoor lightingIntermatic outdoor lighting automatically adjusts to the outdoor environment and turns your lights on at night when you need them most.

You'll often find intermatic technology used in conjunction with different outdoor lighting fixtures to enhance the functionality of that particular fixture.



What Is Intermatic Lighting?

Intermatic lights contain a sensor which picks up the amount of outdoor light present in the environment. If there is an abundance of light present, the fixture is automatically set to the "off" position.

As it begins to get darker, the sensor triggers the fixture to the "on" postion just as nighttime approaches.

One advantage of intermatic lighting is that you'll never worry about forgetting to turn your outdoor lights on at night and off during the day again.



Intermatic Security Lighting

If your hectic schedule forces you to get home late at night, then intermatic outdoor lighting can prevent you from coming home to a dark house. It can give you a sense of safety when used for outdoor security lighting.

Since security is important to maintaining the safety of the individuals using the outdoor space, it is important that your security lighting does not fail.

One way to prevent mistakes is to have intermatic sensors installed so your security lights turn on automatically. Doing so ensures that proper outdoor lighting is available at all times.

Intermatic lighting can also help your security cameras keep a watchful eye on everything that goes on.

Simply having intermatic security lighting can prevent potential threats from occuring since some trouble makers might not feel they can easily hide while under the spotlight.



Intermatic Lighting Combinations

Intermatic lighting is often combined with other technologies which can be used jointly for better effectiveness.

For example, intermatic technology is often combined with motion sensor outdoor lighting. The intermatic sensor turns your fixture to the "off" position during the day, preventing the motion sensor from triggering the light from switching on.

Motion sensor lights will continue to operate throughout the night regardless of what time of night it is.

Having a timer to turn the power off can help you avoid waisting energy during the early morning hours when you don't expect much traffic.



Commercial Intermatic Lighting

Intermatic lighting in the commercial environment is very important to the security and safety of everyone who uses the space.

By keeping the grounds lit at night, you're helping to keep your outdoor commercial space welcome and safe.

You also create a sense of security for users of the space because they're now able to make their way around the space easily.

If the success of your outdoor commercial space depends on the amount of foot traffic you or your tenants generate, then intermatic outdoor lighting is a necessity for you.



Intermatic Outdoor Post Lights

Although it is often overlooked, outdoor post lighting helps keep streets and sidewalks well lit and safe at night. It also keeps traffic flowing easily throughout the outdoor space.

Intermatic outdoor lighting for post lights helps to keep visibility a priority by automatically switching your post lights "on" at exactly the right time every night.




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