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Why Switch To Solar Outdoor Lighting?


solar path lightDoes the thought of solar outdoor lighting appeal to you?

New solar technologies have brought about solar lights that are better and longer lasting than ones from generations past.

The vast choices in solar lighting gives you the flexibility to choose the ones right for your needs.

An easy solution for lighting in hard to reach places or remote spaces such as an outdoor garden is easy with outdoor garden lighting.



Types of Solar Outdoor Lighting

First we will discuss the various types of solar lights to choose from and give you a comprehensive explanation of each.



Solar Powered Yard Lights

Solar powered yard lights are what you typically would find in most homes. Their ease of installation and flexibility to be mounted virtually anywhere makes them an easy solution for outdoor lighting.

These lights have a solar panel mounted somewhere on the unit or along side the unit which charges a battery housed inside the unit.

At night the solar lights turn on using the energy stored within the battery. As the battery runs out of energy, the light output begins to fade away.

Getting great battery life is only half the battle. Finding a solar light fixture that consumes less energy can lengthen the solar light's longevity. Solar LED lights consume much less energy than traditional lamps and typically have a much longer lifespan as well.



Solar Panels

You've probably seen and heard a lot about solar panels. Having solar panels mounted on your home or commercial building's roof is the best way to get the most out of your indoor and outdoor lighting.

This setup can provide you with free and clean energy without any negative side effects. You can also run any type of outdoor lights available on the market.

Typically, the energy gathered from the sun is stored in batteries which are housed inside the home or building. This stored energy is then consumed by the home owners.

Many utility companies will purchase any excess stored energy from you. Selling your extra power back to your local electric company can actually make you money.



Hybrid Solar Outdoor Lights

These lights use a combination of solar power and electricity. They are a very reasonable alternative to solar powered lights.

No need to convert to solar panels for your home. These hybrid solar lights give you the best of both worlds by combining solar power with standard electrical power resulting in energy efficient outdoor lighting.

Hybrid solar lights are similar to solar powered yard lights in that they use their own power supply stored within their batteries to help power the lights.

After the stored energy is consumed, the lights will resort to using standard electrical power.

The added benefit to these lights is that you'll get to save money on electric costs however they will need to be installed. Properly installing outdoor lighting is a must in order for these lights to function properly.



Advantages of Solar Lighting



  • Are energy efficient.

  • Do NOT require you to run new wires.

  • Can easily be relocated or repositioned.

  • Require little maintenance.

  • Can supplement your existing lighting.

  • Recharge automatically.

  • Save you money on your electric bill.

  • Do NOT require an expensive electrician for installation.


Utilizing the sun's power to help light your home or office seems to be the way of the future. The fact remains that the sun offers us a direct source of energy to capture and use as we wish.

By taking advantage of this free and clean source of energy we are empowered to contribute to the global effort in our own backyard.



Disadvantages of Solar Lighting


Because solar technology is still in it's infancy, most solar powered yard lights have some disadvantages. Knowing what these are allows you to make an informed decision on whether solar outdoor lighting is right for you.



  • Do not produce the same light intensity most people are used to.

  • Are sometimes not the greatest primary source of lighting.

  • May need replacing after a certain amount of working hours.

  • Tend to fade out as the night progresses.

  • Installing solar panels on your home can be quite expensive


Its easy to see that the advantages of solar outdoor lighting out weigh the disadvantages. Make your contribution to the global effort and switch to solar outdoor lighting.



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