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lighting fixturesChoosing outdoor lighting fixtures can be one of the funnest parts of outdoor lighting. Its like shopping for jewelry for your home.

The fixtures you choose will heavily determine the finished look of your outdoor lighting design.

If you still have no clue what your looking for, no worries, keep reading and grab a handful of ideas.




Read This Before Deciding On Your Outdoor Lighting Fixtures



Examine Your Outdoors' Surroundings

Look around and get an idea of the style of architecture you will be complimenting. For example, modern outdoor lighting fixtures would probably work best with a more modern architectural style.

Look around you and find whats unique. Try incorporating that uniquness present in your environment into your outdoor lighting design.

Get a basic idea of what you like and what fits your outdoor environment best. Make a plan for your outdoor lighting design and find the fixtures that work best for you.



Positioning Light Fixtures

Knowing where to position your light fixtures is important to choosing the right type and quantity of fixtures. Often, your decision on positioning is based on two things.

1) Your idea of what you ultimately want to accomplish with your outdoor lighting.

For example, you might decide that you need to light your front steps but don't want them staying on at all times. The convenience that motion sensor outdoor lighting or remote control outdoor lighting provide might make the most sense for you.

2) The uniqe parts of your outdoor design or layout that you wish to highlight.

For instance, you might have a beautiful sculpture that you love to be a focal point for your guests to enjoy as much as you do. Proper use of outdoor accent lighting may be what you need in choosing the right fixtures for this purpose.



Sizing Up Your Fixtures

The size of the lighting fixture depends on the location of the fixture and what size lamp you will be using. Your main entrance may require large wall sconces in order to welcome your guests into your home.

However, you may feel that a smaller less noticable fixture would be best suited for outdoor garage lighting.

Determining the size of the fixture will be based on your own observations. A good practice is to visually see the size of the fixture front and center before making a final decision on size.

Buy a sample fixture and size it up. If it looks right keep it, if not return it to the merchant. Always find out about the merchant's return policy first.



Wattage & Light Output

Remember to always use the manufacturer's recommendation of wattage for a particular fixture.

You don't want to have a situation where the higher wattage lamp causes the lens to warp or melt. This will compromise the fixture's protection of the lamp and diminish the quality of light it produces.

You want to be considerate of light output especially if there will be a lot of traffic in the outdoor space you wish to light.

The fixtures you choose should provide enough light for your needs. You never want to over-do-it to the point that your lighting blinds people. Consider using low voltage lighting in high traffic areas.



Weather Proof Fixtures

A waterproof seal is extremely important in outdoor lighting fixtures. Its always best to try and position the fixtures in a location thats away from water, such as under an overhang.

For situations wher you just can't, manufacturers make lighting fixtures designed to prevent water from getting inside.

If its a sealed fixture, make sure to check with the manufacturer to see the maximum lamp wattage that the fixture can withstand without damage. This will prevent the fixture from overheating and causing a fire.

Other fixtures have drainage ports built into the lamp's housing. Check the fixture's drainage to see if it will accommodate your needs. Those ports should be clear and unobstructed.



Test Your Soil

If installing outdoor recessed lighting it's important to take your soil type seriously. Have your soil tested to see the amount of clay, silt, and sand present as well as any other chemicals that will compromise the strength and durability of your recessed lighting fixtures.

Doing so will allow you to choose the fixture best fitted to withstand corrosion from your soil. This can save you lots of money and aggravation.




10 Kinds Of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Available For The Picking


Ready to shop? Got your list of ideas? Shopping for outdoor lighting fixtures can be a lot of fun or a pain in the you know what.

Lets make it easier by discussing some of the different types of fixtures available to you.






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