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colonial outdoor lightingDeciding which colonial outdoor lighting fixtures will work best for you is not just a matter of personal preference.

There are a few key things you'll want to keep in mind before you commit to buying fixtures for your outdoors.

Personal preference plays a very important part in your decision when purchasing your fixtures.

That's why we'll discuss not just what suits your tastes, but some key things you may want to put some thought into before you buy.



Designing Your Layout

Before you begin looking around for the perfect colonial lighting, make the decision to look at what you want to accomplish using outdoor lighting.

Think about the impact that different types of outdoor lighting will have on your outdoors and how they may or may not make your life easier.

Would outdoor walkway lighting make it easier for you and your guests to move about your outdoors? Maybe you would you rather integrate outdoor tree lighting techniques and add a subtle hint of moonlighting to your walkway?

You might like the idea of outdoor sconce lighting to help welcome your guests as they approach your front door, or maybe you prefer having outdoor post lighting standing by adding its elegance through its intricately decorated post.

While these ideas will differ for every outdoor space, using them in conjunction with colonial outdoor lighting can help your outdoors become a place where people will look forward to spending quality time.



Fixture Location

Where you decide to position your lighting determines what type of fixture to choose. Most colonial outdoor lighting fixtures are decorative and may help accentuate the classical architectural style present.

The effect you ultimately want to achieve with outdoor lighting will help you narrow down the fixture choices, while the mounting location will determine the best type of fixture suited for your setup.

For example, lets say you decide that outdoor wall mounted lighting fixtures would be a perfect fit. You may like the idea that it allows you to shower the front of your home with a welcoming glow that spills over onto your adjacent flower garden.

Luckily, many outdoor lighting manufacturers design various styles of outdoor lighting fixtures categorized into groups so that you can mix and match them.

If you particularly like a fixture's style but find that the fixture type is not suited for your needs, check with the manufacturer or ask a sales representative. You'll often find that manufacturers will have a whole line of fixtures available in the style you like.




Of course you want to be sure you're choosing lighting fixtures that will stand the test of time and stay within your budget. At the end of the day, the overall appearance of your outdoor space is what counts most.

Keep in mind that selecting a fixture with a metallic finish may mean that as the fixture ages the finish might change.

Naturally, some metallic finishes are meant to tarnish while others resist tarnishing. Tarnishing occurs when the outermost layer of a metallic surface undergoes corrosion. Tarnishing is not a bad thing, actually some people prefer it.

Tarnished metallic finishes give your lighting fixtures an antique look. Metal lighting fixtures such as brass outdoor lighting are good examples of finishes that will tarnish.

Some metal finishes do not tarnish but tend to maintain their youthful appeal. While some metallic finishes are naturally corrosion resistant, you'll find metal alloys that combine the corrosion resistance of one type of metal with the strength of another.

Other finishes do not tarnish because they are painted with a special powder coated finish. A painted or powder coated finish allows you to choose from a wide array of colors including finishes that look like they're tarnished, giving you that antique look at a lower price point.



Fixture Size

Before you get excited and begin shopping around for your outdoor lighting fixtures, keep in mind what size fixture your going to choose.

For example, you won't need giant outdoor lamp posts linning the front lawn of a small cottage, but you might want large lamp posts if you're lighting a very large courtyard or outdoor commercial space.

Keep the fixture's size consistant with the environment's needs so that it doesn't clash with the overall look you want to achieve for your outdoor environment.




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