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Choosing Your Outdoor Wall Mounted Lighting Fixtures



outdoor wall mounted lightingBefore deciding if outdoor wall mounted lighting is right for you, you'll need to know what options you have to choose from.

This is your first step in deciding what will trully work for you so lets look at some wall mounted fixtures available to pick from.



Outdoor Wall Sconces

Outdoor wall sconces provide an important source of outdoor lighting thats often overlooked. They are welcoming and tend to draw people into a space. You will often see these on either side of a front or back door.

Outdoor wall sconces are decorative and meant to help spruce up your outdoors. They come in many different finishes and styles, often viewed as jewelry for your home or outdoor space.

Match up the your home's old time charm with the elegant style that only antique outdoor lighting wall sconces could give you.

If antique fixtures don't suit your needs, try contemporary outdoor lighting wall sconces for a more modern feel.



Up & Down Lights

These modern outdoor wall mounted lighting fixtures provide light in the manner that their name implies. They are wall sconces shaped like tubes with an opened top and bottom end.

Within each open end a light bulb is housed that produces an upward and downward beam spread, showering the wall with a unique lighting technique called wall washing.

Wall washing is a great way to draw attention to your beautiful architecture, but what makes this lighting technique really impressive is how well it makes the wall's texture pop.

Up and down lights also give you the added benefit of moon lighting. The design of the up and down light fixtures allows for light to travel up high and drop down low showcasing all that is below it.



Wall Mounted Outdoor Security Lighting

Outdoor security lighting is meant to provide safety and security by creating an environment that is well lit. It gives you the flexibility to mount security lights on the wall.

Often, wall mounted lights are overlooked but not always hidden from plain view. Use them to provide the element of surprise to unwanted guests. Sync them up to your security system to turn on in case of a break in.

Look for wall mounted security lighting that can easily be adjusted and locked into position. You never want your security lights to be pointed in the wrong position when you need them most.



Wall Mounted Commercial & Industrial Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor wall mounted lighting fixtures for commercial spaces include public and privately owned properties that need the benefits that outdoor lighting provides.

Wall mounted commercial outdoor lighting allows you to mount your outdoor fixtures up high without the need of outdoor lighting poles.

The same holds true for industrial spaces. Industrial outdoor lighting is essential to the saftey and security of the people in the space, and ensures adequate lighting for emergency evacuations.

Properly installed wall mounted lights ensures that your industrial wall lights stand up to the tough demands of the industrial space.



Wall Mounted Outdoor Step Lighting

Making it easy for people to move around your outdoor space is essential to making them feel welcome. That's why wall mounted outdoor step lighting is important to making it all flow.

Step lighting can be recessed into the adjacent sidewalls of your steps providing you with a clean, finished look. Its a nice way to lead your guests throughout your space while keeping their safety in mind.



Wall Mounted Resessed Outdoor Lighting

Keeping your outdoor lighting fixtures out of view and tucked away is key when working with wall mounted recessed outdoor lighting fixtures.

These light fixtures allow you to highlight parts of your outdoor landscape without drawing attention to the fixture itself.

If positioned properly, no one will even notice your outdoor lights since they'll be too busy enjoying the scenery.




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