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How To Build Impressive Outdoor Walkway Lighting From The Ground Up



outdoor walkway lightingContrary to what many people think, outdoor walkway lighting doesn't have to be boring.

Let your walkway lighting blend into your outdoor environment with outdoor lighting design that draws people in.

Make them feel like they're in a completely new and different place as your walkway lighting guides them through your outdoor oasis.

You will begin to see how much better you and your guests will feel as you walk through the outdoor space you designed starting with walkway lighting.

Lets look at some cool design techniques that you can use now.



Outdoor Walkway Moon Lighting

You can light a relatively large length of walkway with moon lighting. The advantages are that you can cover a large stretch of walkway and easily hide your outdoor lighting from view.

You'll want a very subtle hint of light thats not readily noticable by your guests. The idea is to mimic the light intensity given off by a full moon on a clear summer night. Think about how it feels to be present in your outdoor space complimented by the relaxing glow of moon lighting.



Mounting Locations

Finding a mounting location can sometimes be a challenge. First take a quick look around and find some potential mounting locations. For example, you may have tall trees nearby so using outdoor tree lighting would work perfectly.

If you have a wall nearby you could use outdoor wall mounted lighting to position your lights along the length of the wall. Needless to say, you have many options.

Moon lighting for walkways doesn't require the use of many fixtures to get the result your after. One added bonus of moon lighting is that your lighting can't help but spill over onto the surrounding area.

Illuminating the surrounding landscape is one way to make your guests feel more comfortable in your outdoor space.



Walkway Shaddow Effects

Create some interesting patterns on your plain ol' walkway using shaddows. The use of outdoor tree lighting can assist you in lighting your walkway and creating dramatic shaddow effects.

Position your lights so their beam spread is obstructed by a few branches, leaves, or other interesting impediments. You'll create an intersting pattern on your walkway that will look more like natural moon lighting.

Its always best to install these fixtures when the tree's leaves are fully sprouted. Occasional prunning may be necessary to keep your lights beam spread from being overwhelmed by foliage.



Bollard Lighting

Outdoor walkway lighting in a commercial environment must always be well lit. Outdoor bollard lighting has a nice modern look that is very popular for commercial spaces today.

The primary purpose of bollards is to keep the building structure and pedestrians that use the walkway safe from nearby automobile traffic.

Outdoor bollard lighting allows bollards to serve as lighting fixtures while helping to keep your walkway traffic safe and moving smoothly.



Path Lighting

Outdoor pathway lighting is a subtle way to light your walkway without drawing too much attention to your light fixtures.

You will find an array of decorative pathway fixtures that could play out nicely with your outdoor landscape if you chose.

The effectiveness of pathway lighting depends on the style of the fixture itself. For example, a pathway fixture with a well reflecting light shield can direct light better than a fixture without one.

Path lighting is a simple solution to outdoor walkway lighting that anyone can take advantage of regardless of how handy you are. The not so handy have the option of choosing solar outdoor lighting.

These solar lights require no wiring at all. Simply position them where you want them to go and you're done. No wires to mess with, no batteries to change, and no hiring an expensive electrician to install them.




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