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tropical outdoor lightingMake your next outdoor party memorable. A tropical themed party requires tropical outdoor lighting.

Since this outdoor party is going to be a little different, think about the last tropical party you had a blast attending.

So go ahead and grab your inflatable palm trees or floral necklaces and lets re-create it so that you too can bring all the fun you had on your last vacation right into your backyard.

Planning is everything so make it fun. Setting up activities for all your guests to participate in will make the event feel that much more special.

If you want to really set the mood right, crank that tropical music and get down with tropical outdoor lighting.



6 Ways To Easily Transform Your Backyard Into A Tropical Paradise


  • wrapped rope lightsRope lighting

    Wrap your theme around a slew of colorful outdoor rope lighting designs that will make any party more fun. Rope lights are easy to install and are flexible enough to put virtually anywhere.

    Wrap rope lights around your deck's handrails, line them up on the corner or your steps or wrap the trunks of small trees around the yard.



  • tiki torchesTiki Torches

    Not only do they provide ambient light and look great, but tiki torches keep those pesky mosquitoes away.

    Have fun with them, maybe you can criss cross your tiki torches and tie them together at the crossing point. You can even get solar outdoor lighting tiki torches in case you don't want to mess with a dirty wick.



  • Festive String lighting

    Adding some fun outdoor string lighting will make your outdoors feel more festive. Check your local party store and find some cool coconut shaped string lights.

    You may decided to make your own string lights or lanterns. Use what you can to really dress up your tropical lighting theme.



  • Centerpiece Lamps

    A tropical themed centerpiece lamp adds to the overall theme of your party while providing light for your family and friends.

    Its a great way to incorporate your tropical theme as a decorative outdoor lighting piece on your table.



  • lighting palm treesUplight Existing Palm Trees

    If you already live in a tropical climate use it to your advantage. You can't get much more tropical than uplighting your own palm trees.

    Take advantage of your palm trees' night time beauty by using outdoor tree lighting to make it stand out.



  • Tropical Lanterns

    Make it interesting with outdoor tropical lanterns. Lanterns are a easy and decorative way to provide some ambient table light needed for your party.



Let tropical outdoor lighting take your next party to a beautiful tropical getaway right at home. Get inspired, decorate with outdoor lighting and make your next party one to remember.



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