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rope lightingThe flexibility you have when decorating with outdoor rope lighting is endless. Let your imagination run wild.

Your ability to easily incorporate rope lighting into most applications is priceless. Plus, there aren't too many wires to tuck away.

Before you begin, think about your design and what you want to create for your outdoors.

Don't over-do-it! It is much better to be moderate in your layout and to incorporate other decorative outdoor lighting features in your display, but do not overpower your design with rope lights.

So the question should be, what do you want your rope lights to do for your design? Lets take a look into it's different uses.




Fun Ways To Use Outdoor Rope Lighting


Lets jump start your creative flow with a few ideas that might help to get the creative juices flowing.

The beauty of outdoor rope lighting begins with you. Your ideas on how to use it to make your outdoors more fun will make a big difference in your final result.

Because of it's flexibility, rope lights can be easily molded to wrap around just about anything.



Transform Your Trees

Wrap the trunks of some smaller trees in your landscape. Outdoor tree lighting will work with small trees as long as their trunk's circumference is narrow enough and easy to work around.

Remember, you don't have to wrap the whole tree if you choose not to. You may consider wrapping just the base of the tree. Be courageous, go out on a limb and try something new.



Decorate Your Deck

Rope lighting is an easy fix for a dull or boring deck. Wrap it around your deck's hand rails or deck posts and use it as a source of ambient lighting for your guests at night. Use string lighting as an easy solution for outdoor deck lighting.

Use rope lighting to outline the contours of your deck and really make it sparkle. You may also decide to hang it up overhead.



Illuminate Your Steps

Use rope lighting as an alternative method of outdoor step lighting. Line it up along the underneath of your steps' landing so that it remains partially hidden and out of harm's way.

You may also decide to outline your steps between the landing and the riser for a more decorative look.



Shed Light On Your Path

One of the best things about outdoor rope lighting is it's pliability. Use outdoor path lighting to outline your path since it's flexibile consistancy allows for you to do so easily.



Elegant Wedding Lighting

Take full advantage of your wedding day and wedding night with the beauty that only outdoor rope lighting can provide.

Take your most memorable photos as outdoor rope lighting helps make your plain wedding scape more magical.

Lighting an outdoor wedding can be tricky but outdoor rope lighting can help to make your wedding look magnificent.  

Enhance the beauty of structures such as gazebos. Decorating your landscape can be easy if you use rope lighting to enhance the beautiful decor thats already in place.



Fun Patio Lighting

Patio lighting doesn't have to be boring. Plan your next outdoor lighting party with outdoor patio lighting in mind and your guests will thank you.

Rope lighting is a great, inexpensive solution for your patio lighting needs, requiring very little maintenance and lots of light output.



Don't Be Afraid To Use Color

Rope lighting comes in may different colors. Using different colors to enhance the look of your theme will make it much more fun.

Use colors to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor party.

Spice it up by using color to compliment any holiday event. A 4th of July bash can become even more festive using red, white, and blue rope lights.

Use rope lighting in conjunction with outdoor Christmas lighting or make your Halloween much more freightening with colorful rope lights.




4 Steps To Accurately Measure Your Rope Lights


  • Secure Your Position:

    A roll of twine is an ideal way to acurately measure distance throughout your landscape. Its inexpensive and easy to manuver throughout the complex curves and angles of your landscape. Take a roll of twine and secure it close to wherever you want to begin your outline.


  • Outline Your Landscape:

    Run it throughout your landscape wherever you intend on installing your rope lights, making sure to attach it to key angles and corners where the rope lights will change direction.


  • Complete Your Outline:

    When you've completed your outline cut off the piece of twine. Undo the twine from your landscape and then measure the length of the run using a tape measure.


  • Leave Some Slack:

    Always remember to consider leaving about 15 % of the total measured run as slack when installing rope lighting. You don't want to end up cutting your rope lights too short and go through the pain of having to completely redo all your effors.



Making your outdoor lighting more fun is easy to do with outdoor rope lighting. Plan your next get together and incorporate rope lighting into your outdoor lighting design.



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