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energy efficient outdoor lightingEnergy efficient outdoor lighting has become more of a concern for everyone because we all are contributors to energy consumption.

Since we're not going to give up using energy, we must find better ways to conserve it. Although some headway has been made on this road to energy efficiency, we can still do much more.

Here we are going to look at various ways you can contribute to this global effort by choosing energy efficient lighting.



How Has Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting Changed Your World?

What are your gripes with the lighting industry? What can be done to improve the energy efficiency of outdoor lighting worldwide?

Share your experiences and how you think energy efficient outdoor lighting can be improved upon.



Outdoor Fluorescent Lighting

One of the first types of efficient lighting that people think of is fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting has been around quite some time but we are now seeing smaller compact fluorescent lamps that mimic the look of traditional incandescent outdoor lamps.

These lamps are unique because the fluorescent lamps are housed inside the casing of traditional outdoor lamps such as that of a PAR 30 lamp for example.

This housing provides the lamp a protective barrier against direct outdoor exposure allowing the compact fluorescent lamp to more easily operate at its ideal temperature. That will help it to produce maximum light output.



Solar Outdoor Lighting

Solar outdoor lighting can easily be considered the best and most energy efficient type of outdoor lighting available. Thats hard to argue because solar lighting runs off of free energy it gathers from the sun.

Solar lighting stores the energy it gathers from the sun in batteries which can be housed within the lighting fixture. In more sophisticated systems, the energy may be stored in a large battery housed indoors.

Depending on how sophisticated you want to go, you may be able to power your whole house with solar lighting.


Solar Outdoor Lighting's energy efficiency is dependent on 2 major factors:


1) The amount of sunlight the solar panel is able to capture and convert into usable energy.

2) How well the outdoor lamps emit their light output. In other words how efficient the lamps are to operate.


Maximizing the use of more of the sun's light rays and eliminating the need for big expensive solar panels remains a challenge that needs to be overcome.



Outdoor LED Lighting

Outdoor LED lighting has come a long way in recent years. Its outdoor use has been steadily increasing and is now used on outdoor lamps, in cars, and has even been incorporated into outdoor christmas lighting for the holidays and special occasions.

These lights are very energy efficient and consume very little energy compared to traditional incandescent lamps. Find out more about how outdoor LED lighting work here.

Their long rated lifespan and ability to produce some of the brightest most vibrant color output you can find in outdoor lighting today make them a good choice for energy efficient outdoor lighting.



Induction Lamps

Induction lamps are a new technology using an electrodless discharge lamp. They can be closely compared to their cousin, the fluorescent lamp.

The major differnce between the two is that induction lamps do not use electrodes to ignite and sustain the lamp's light output. This means that induction lamps have a much longer lifespan and better lumen output than fluorescent lamps.

That makes induction lamps much more energy efficient and better for our environment.



Energy efficient outdoor lighting is increasingly evolving every day. As it continues to expand, we will learn of many new groundbreaking technologies that we will share with you.

We would love to hear from you. Please contact us with any questions or comments.



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