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What Is RV Outdoor Lighting?



rv outdoor lightingRV outdoor lighting is a word used to describe the type of lighting many camp junkies have used or still use to light their RV.

While RV lighting is a reliable source of ambient light, its more popularly recognized by all the fun themes available for the pickin'.



RV Lighting or String Lighting?

RV lighting is a type of outdoor string lighting with decorative bulbs. They are decorated in such a way that each bulb is housed within a fun, decorative casing.

These decorative cases span the length of the string, allowing the bulbs housed inside of the cases to illuminate their fun shapes and styles.

The best part is that there are so many different shapes and styles available that you can use them for just about any occassion.

They're great for outdoor party lighting since you'll be able to find the perfect rv lights that suit your party's theme. Be as creative as you want with them, there are no rules just fun.



Bulb Sizes & Light Output

RV outdoor lighting comes in different bulb sizes and even bulb types. The typical bulb sizes range from miniature lamps up to the larger C7 bulbs or larger.

While both the miniature bulbs and the larger C7 bulbs would probably work well, it all comes down to personal preference.

The larger bulbs will most often emit more light output per bulb. That way, you'll need less rv lights to create the same light output with the larger bulbs versus the mini bulbs.



Bulb Types

One thing is for sure, you'll want your rv lights to look their best and perform well for years to come. Most common among rv outdoor lights are the incandescent bulbs, but now you are begining to see more LED bulbs become available.

Outdoor LED lighting is begining to get recognition because of their energy efficiency, long lasting durability, and light output.

Whats most impressive about these LED lights is that they're much tougher than their incandescent cousins. You can bang them around and they'll still work like new.

These LED lights also last much longer than incandescent lights. You won't need to purchase new rv lights each year to replace the practically new lights you recently purchased.

Outdoor LED lights give off much more light output per lamp. Their brighter light output means that you can settle for smaller bulbs and still get the benefit of more light output typical of a larger bulbs.




Where To Install RV Outdoor Lighting?


Installation of RV outdoor lighting couldn't be easier. Use these three steps to help setup your lights:



Identify The Area To Be Illuminated

Determine exactly where you prefer your guests to be situated and begin by marking off that area. You can do this simply by using reference points such as a tree or your deck's railing post. Just find something you can refer back to.



Identify Your Mounting Location

If you're lucky you may already have this step done. If not, take a look at the reference points you identified in the previous step. Is there any potential to install your RV lights overhead?

You may need to use installation clips or hooks to get your lights to stay put. If you cannot find a mounting location, look into installing outdoor lighting poles where you can hang them from.



Find Your Electrical Outlet & Install

Find the electrical outlet or outlets you will be using. Never overload your outlets with too many RV lights for two reasons.

1) You don't want to overload your circuit and start a fire.

2) Your circuit may not have the juice needed to handle the electrical load you've placed on it, causing your rv lights not to work.

If the necessary, run an extension cord from your electrical outlet to your RV lights. When doing so, remember to tape your extension cords down to the floor to prevent tripping.




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