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How To Find The Outdoor Lighting Poles Right For You


outdoor lighting polesHow can choosing the right outdoor lighting poles make a difference anyway?

When planning your outdoor lighting, you'll always want to be sure it jives with your outdoor space's style.

Is anybody going to pay attention to lighting poles anyway?

I'll leave that up to you to decide but you may want your poles to match the look and feel that your outdoor environment gives off.

Your lighting poles help the overall look your outdoor environment already gives off by blending their unique charm and elegance into your outdoor space.

Enhancing the outdoor experience is what outdoor lighting poles can do for you. So where do you go about finding them and which ones are right for you?



What Style Lighting Poles Fit Best?


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of outdoor lighting poles are those big metal poles used for street lights. You know the ones you find around town which house those commercial outdoor lamps.

While that is one option, there are many more choices to decide from. Most of these have their own distinct style that makes them stand out from the crowd.



Identify Your Outdoor Theme

Deciding among the various lighting poles can be a bit tedious, so before shopping around take a minute to visualize the final look of your outdoor space.

What is the overall theme? Is it sheek and modern, antique and rustic, or just a plain ol' parking lot.

Once you know this, you're almost there. Now take your vision and find the outdoor lighting poles that fit best for your outdoors.

Discussing this plan with others is a good idea but you want to be sure to visualize your outcome first. That way you'll be able to take the ideas that people give you and apply it to your vision.

Its always best that you write your ideas down so you're sure you won't forget them. I can't tell you how many times a good idea gets lost because your focus changes throughout the day and you loose sight of the important things.




Types Of Outdoor Lighting Poles

Since outdoor poles are always exposed to the harsh outdoor environment, it is very important to get a quality pole. There are various finishes to choose from including:


1) Stainless Steel Poles: Stainless steel poles are a steel alloy containing a steel metal base cobined with chromium. The chromium forms a film on the steel surface called chromium oxide which prevents corrosion.

Stainless steel poles are very strong and require no extra maintenance to prevent corrosion.


2) Powder Coated Poles: A well done powder coat job provides years and years of maintenance free protection. Powder coating involves a complex machining process which allows the paint coating to adhere well to the steel surface below it.

These poles are popular because you can choose from different shades of powder coated color. If done correctly, the powder coating will prevent anything that would cause corrosion from getting onto the steel surface for a very long time.


3) Galvanized Steel Lighting Poles

Galvanized steel goes through a chemical process where zinc is bonded to the steel. Sinc zinc is non corrosive, the galvanized steel surface which contains zinc prevents any rusting.

This is a great alternative to stainless steel because its a lot cheaper to produce than stainless but provides just as much protection against corrosion.

Often you'll find galvanized poles in a commercial setting such as those used for outdoor street lighting. It can easily be incorporated into a modern outdoor lighting theme and still look good.


4) Bronze Lighting Poles

Bronze outdoor lighting poles have a beautiful finish. If used on the right outdoor lighting project, it can easily transform the look of your outdoors into an antique outdoor lighting masterpiece.

The bronze's copper base gives it it's anti-corrosive tendencies. However, over time and exposure to the outdoor environment the bronze will tarnish and change into a green-blue color.




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