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victorian outdoor lightingThe beautiful and intricate details of victorian outdoor lighting are seen less frequently these days.

In these modern times we seem to have moved away from the classical beauty of older antique outdoor lighting fixtures and achitecture.

These old fixtures are pieces of art in their own right and stand alone as elegant examples of how architectural styles and lighting can work together.



Victorian Lighting Finishes


When it comes to deciding what type of lighting finishes will work best for your choice of victorian lighting, its really a matter of personal preferance.

Most outdoor lighting finishes are designed to withstand the outdoor environment. They often are made up of metals that do not rust such as copper, bronze, brass, and powder coated finishes.

Each of these has it's own unique elemental makeup that differentiates it from the rest.



Copper & Bronze Finishes

Copper outdoor lighting fixtures give your victorian lights added character as they age.

As the copper finish begins to tarnish, it first turns dark and eventually changes to a light green/blue color.

Bronze outdoor lighting finishes fit into a similar catagory as copper fixtures because bronze is made from a copper alloy. When tarnished, bronze will turn dark and eventually continue to change with the passage of time.



Brass Finishes

If your not quite looking for such a drastic change in color but still want that antique outdoor lighting look, check out brass outdoor lighting fixtures.

While brass also tarnishes, it'll eventually turn a dark dull color which gives it that antique look that augments the look of your victorian outdoor lighting fixtures.



Powder Coated Finishes

Powder coating is a process by which a dry powder is applied electrostatically to a metallic surface and cured with heat to form an evenly coated painted surface.

If you're having your victorian lighting fixtures custom coated your choice of color scheme and texture is endless. You can choose from all types of colors and finishes from dull to shiny.

If you're buying a lighting fixture already powder coated from the manufacturer, at the very least you'll have a few different finishes to choose from.




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