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portable outdoor lightingPortable outdoor lighting is perfect for those times where you don't have access to an electical outlet but need an outdoor light source.

If you're always on the road or just love camping out, having reliable outdoor lighting is just what you need.

Don't fret about not having an outlet handy because portable lighting will get you through the tough times when you need it most.



Portable Outdoor Recreational Lighting

Camping is a great way to connect with friends and family while living outdoors and experiencing each other's company.

When planning a camping trip you will need the essentials which includes gas outdoor lighting. These portable lights do not use electricity since they're powered by a gas fuel source.

You can find portable lanterns that use kerosene fuel. Some of these lanterns use a wick drenched in kerosene that when ignited burns to produce light.

Another type of portable outdoor lamp is powered by propane gas. Propane gas lanterns use a propane cylinder who's gas is ignited to light the replaceable mantles.

These lanterns produce a huge amount of light, are clean burning and perfect for any camp ground or dimly lit outdoor environment.



Portable LED Flashlights

Flashlights are well known for their portability and while we're all familiar with the traditional flashlight, LED flashlights are a great alternative because of their low energy consumption.

Outdoor LED lighting has come a long way since it's inception and LED flashlights have followed. While LED lights produce very bright light output, their brilliant white color output is very attractive.

Battery powered LED flashlights are well worth the money, but rechargable flashlights won't have you running to the store to get new batteries every so often.

You might find LED flashlights that charge when you shake them. While these work, their light output and charge doesn't compare to the battery powered types.



Fluorescent Portable Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Fluorescent lighting is now more portable than ever. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) made fluorescent lighting less bulky and able to use as a replacement for traditional incandescent lamps.

While small, these CFLs are not very portable. Smaller, portable fluorescent lights can be taken with you virtually anywhere.

These portable lights use a very small tubular bulb conveniently housed inside of a compact ballast. While some are rechargable others use batteries.

They can be used just about anywhere and are perfect to take along with you. Use them on a camp site, on the job, as a flashlight replacement, or just keep them in the car for emergency needs.



Portable Outdoor Construction Lighting

If you've ever passed by a construction site, you probably have seen portable outdoor lighting used for night time projects.

In heavily populated cities, these lights are often used on road projects. The lower concentration of traffic on the roads at night makes it an ideal time to get the road work done.

The lights are quite bright and powered by a commercial grade generator housed within the portable unit itself.

These portable industrial outdoor lighting fixtures fold up easily and can be hauled away by hitching them up to the back of your truck.

On a smaller scale, you will find portable hand held construction lights for smaller more compact jobs. These portable lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Some sit on the ground while others can be hooked onto a fixed object at the job site.

Some of these portable lights are battery powered while others can be connected to a 12 volt outlet like those found in most cars today.



Portable Outdoor Stage Lighting

If you're planning a show on the road, you're going to want portable stage lighting.

Without stage lighting you cannot create the dramatic effects that you'll need to engage your audience. If used effectively, portable outdoor lighting can connect your audience to the storyline and amplify it's emotional impact on them.

The key to stage lighting is portability since this kind of lighting must be set up and taken down periodically. Its also a lot easier to install stage lighting if you have the proper trellises needed for overhead lighting.

These trellises can be broken down into smaller pieces for easy transport to their next destination.

Some big movie sets are now using an alternative to trellises. Instead they are using blimps. Yes blimps, like the ones you see flying over a football or baseball stadium only smaller.

These blimps surround your portable stage lighting equipment, creating an air tight seal around the body of the fixture. The fixture's lense remains exposed.

The blimps are tied down to prevent them from flying away and then filled with helium gas.

When you're done, simply pull them in with the attached cord and pack them away for your next show.




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