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outdoor lighting timersTechnological advancements in outdoor lighting timers has changed the way they are used, giving you a better handle on your outdoor lighting controls.

These advancements in technology no longer restrict you to the limited functions of older lighting timers.

Lucky for you, today's lighting timers are much more sophisticated. While the simplest timers are still available, you have more options to choose from when deciding which timer is right for you.



Seasonal Timers

You can get more flexibility from your lighting timers by choosing one that can be set to adjust to the changing seasons.

As the seasons change so will the time at which daylight and dusk arrive. A traditional timer wouldn't have the flexibility you would need to automatically adjust to the changing seasons.

A seasonal timer gives you that flexibility and ensures that your outdoor lights turn themselves on and off at the time you specified.



Daily Timers

More sophisticated timers give you more flexibility so you can decide precisely when you want your outdoor lights to turn themselves on and off daily. Some models allow you to adjust the timer's settings on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Lighting timers can be set to change the time at which your outdoor lights turn themselves on or off each day. They are sometimes an effective form of outdoor security lighting.

If you're going on vacation and want to create the illusion that someone is home, you could schedule your lighting timers to turn themselves on and off at different times each night.

That could thwart a potential intruder from breaking into your home because they'll think that someone is home. It'll be hard for them to detect the presence of a lighting timer because your outdoor lights will automatically change the time that they turn themselves on and off each night.




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