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How To Differentiate Outdoor Lighting Manufacturers



With so many outdoor lighting manufacturers, how could you know which ones will deliver quality lighting products that will last?

While many lighting manufacturers are large companies capable of manufacturing quality outdoor lighting products, there are some smaller manufacturers that produce quality products as well.

Because of the steep competition lighting manufacturers face, its much harder for some smaller companies to stay ahead of their big brother competitors.

Lets look at a few key things that the most innovative lighting manufacturers use to stay ahead of their competition when designing new lighting fixtures.



Who Are Your Favorite Outdoor Lighting Manufacturers?

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Design & Function

In the fashion industry fresh new designs tend to attract people's attention, and the same holds true for outdoor lighting fixtures. Manufacturers typically create new fixture designs using art and visual impact as their selling points.

Inspiration for these artistic lighting designs come from various forms of architecture, nature, different eras, various cultures, nature, or a combination of these and more.

With the introduction of newer lighting technologies such as outdoor LED lighting, manufacturers continue to create more and more interesting designs that we've never seen before.

While outdoor lighting design is important, manufacturers that produce quality fixtures know that it's just as important to pay attention to the function of the lighting fixture itself.

Of course, what good is a fancy decorative fixture if it doesn't do it's job well?

You'll sometimes see lighting manufacturers produce designs and product lines that are similar in style and function to that of their competitors. They tend to copy one another's styles if they know it will sell. Therefore, the difference between outdoor lighting manufacturers is quality and workmanship.



Quality & Workmanship

Outdoor lighting manufacturers that produce quality lighting fixtures tend to put more thought into their product lines so that you, the consumer get the best use from their lighting fixtures.

Their goal is to create a long lasting, well thought out lighting fixture. Therefore a lot of research and development goes into producing a quality fixture.

Research and development uncovers a multitude of relevant factors. It may uncover a fixture's intended use, its ease of installation, the lamp's lifespan, it's efficancy, and any possible issues related to the lense and overheating of the lamp.

Outdoor lighting manufacturers will design a fixture so the lamp is protected from the outdoor environment. The challenge they face is allowing the fixture enough air flow to keep the lamp inside it cool, in turn maximizing the lamp's lifespan.

Since high end fixtures are made of expensive metals such as copper, bronze, brass and stainless steel, the workmanship of the manufacturer is important to the quality of the fixture.

A well made fixture will last for years without needing repair or replacement. That's why selecting lighting manufacturers that make quality products is important to making the right buying decision the first time.



Manufacturer Warrantee

Any manufacturer that stands by their product will offer a warrantee. While the length of the warrantee varies based on the product and the manufacturer backing it up, it's always best to have a warrantee and not need it then not to have one and needing it.

Lets face it, some lighting fixtures could run you a pretty penny. If you're buying large quantities of outdoor lights, its always best to know that you're backed by outdoor lighting manufacturers that offer a worry free warrantee.





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