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Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Kit


low voltage outdoor lighting kitFinally an easy solution to outdoor lighting. A low voltage outdoor lighting kit makes so much sense. Why didn't we think of this before?

Most outdoor lighting kits are made up of low grade light fixtures usually made of plastic. They are easy to assemble and require almost no knowledge or experience in electrical work to install.



Is An Outdoor Lighting Kit Right For Me

Outdoor lighting kits can be a quick solution but may not be the best solution for your needs since they are made of inexpensive materials such as plastic.

That might not be good enough to last you over the long haul if you plan on making these lights a permanent addition to your outdoor lighting setup.

The low voltage lighting kit connects to a low voltage transformer provided to you which may or may not be suited for interior use.

It is important to check and see if the transformer is suited to stand up to the outdoors or if it should be kept in a dry place such as inside the home, garage, or outbuilding.




Outdoor Lighting Kit Pros


  • It an inexpensive outdoor lighting solution

  • It's ease of installation requires few tools

  • Everything you need is included in the kit

  • Great for providing safe lighting without the risk of injury to others

  • Good for low level lighting including steps or a pathway




Outdoor Lighting Kit Cons


  • The material the kit is constructed from could deform when in close proximity to the heat given off by the lamp

  • Its low power output limits its use in a larger coverage area

  • Its power output is usually 10 watts or under

  • If equipt with an exterior transformer, you may need to hire a licenced electrician for installation



Available kits include spotlights and path lights. These kits rely on very low wattage output so that the plastic doesn't melt from the heat being given off of the bulb.

Some low voltage outdoor lighting kits use halogen reflector bulbs. Others use halogen capsule bulbs but you can find all different types of bulbs in various colors now adays.

The kit's low power output gives them a limited usage and most are best designed for miniature lanterns, globes and low level lighting.




Where To Buy Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Kits

Take a quick ride to your local home goods store to see if they have a selection, most should. If you're still not satisfied, try your local garden outlet or check online.



5 Ways To Use Your Outdoor Lighting Kit

  • Draw attention to low standing plants

  • Outline a small garden.

  • Light your outdoor pathway

  • Use them to help light your next outdoor party

  • Use them to experiment with potential lighting schemes before spending the big bucks on expensive permanent fixtures



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